30 December, 2009

My bad...forgot the photo!

Since my wonderful partners in ninja crime added photos, I thought I should do the same!

Yeah...so it's not a photograph, but I did make it myself on 'paint'...I had to make an awesome first impression here!!

Grrrrrr. His name is Trip(named by a good friend of mine, MJB, because he only has 3 legs in the picture).
Jessica Bo Bessica xox

Another piece of the puzzle

You don't really think we could do this without the help of the Amazing Jessica Bo Bessica?!?

As a big art lover, I too was quite excited by the idea of this project. Photography has always been an intrest of mine, but I've either not had a camera to take pictures with or I just didn't have the time to take them! Armed with my digital camera, I am prepared to make the vow to take a minimum of one photo a day that will contribute to this blog...or die(ninja style, of course) trying!

So, a little about me? Like my partner in ninja crime, I too have another blog. Mine, however contains less about fashion and photography. I'll leave that to her! My blog has a main focus of just life in general. It's about my experiences, my lessons, my point of view on random stuff... Go check out The Life of the Amazing Jessica Bo Bessica for more details! I too am a full time student, part-time Teenage Drama Queen. I work down the street for show money. Like my other ninja partner in crime, Fin, who is very wonderful(!), I WILL be attending university in the fall...He just beat me to it! After graduation, Jessica! I will be in a Bachelor of Arts program to go onto BEd to be the best teacher I can be!

Enough of my blah blah! Enjoy what's sure to be the greatest 3-way ever! HEY! Get your mind outta the gutter!! I know what you were and thinking and I think NOT! It's because there are 3 authors of the blog!!

I love you all, but not in a sexual way.
Jessica Bo Bessica xox

A year of photos.

A year of photography will be an interesting challenge. Rosie told me about this project, and it fit in perfectly with the goals and ideals that I am placing ahead of myself for this coming year. I am working on being a more dedicated individual, and making sure that I can post something each day, well... it just fits. Hopefully I can go through with it.

Rosie gave all the information you really need about the blog and her, so here is a little about me. I'm in University for my first semester.
That is a little about me.
My whole life is geared towards pursuing my goals, or my goal. I want to visit every country in the world, and everything else is a secondary goal.
Keeping with the dog in winter theme here is one of my sister Zara and my Aunt's Dog Maggie.
Lets hope we can keep this up!

- Fin

Welcome to Exposure Extraordinaire, from Rosie

Hi, and welcome to Exposure Extraordinaire!

This blog is a collaboration between myself (Rosie Unknown), and my friend Findlay. We recently heard about Project 365, and decided that it would be an awesome project. (Ok, so I read about it, decided to do it, sent Fin an email, and waited nervously until he answered enthusiastically) There is no point challenging yourself and pushing your artistic limits if you aren't going to share it with others though, so Exposure Extraordinaire was created.

If you didn't click the link (which you should, I'll wait), here is Project 365 in brief. This project challenges you to take a photo every single day, for a whole year. The goal is not only to document what you did, who you saw, ect., but also to explore the art of photography, to learn new things, and to explore who you are as an artist. So starting January 1, we will be posting a photo for every single day of the year. At least, that's the plan.

Now that you know about the why of this blog, you may be wondering a bit about the who? As I said before, I'm Rosie Unknown. I have been blogging for a little over 9 months on my fashion blog Through the Wilderness. I am a more than slightly melodramatic, highly excitable, nerdy person. At the moment I am a full time student, but in the future I hope to be a fashion journalist (with my own magazine, eventually), a librarian or a photographer.

And, ah, those are some of my family's dogs. Because I didn't want my first post on a blog dedicated to photos to be all text.