13 April, 2010

12/04/2010 (Findlay) : Final Art project

Today was a good day. In my Global Politics class we had a jeopardy themed day, and I had tons of fun, (I won chocolate!) I came home and walked around a bit. I bought a shirt at a thrift store, and some garlic fingers. I came home and hung out with Dominic. We played some Go, and I painted.

This is my final art project for the year.
The last day of classes is on Wednesday! I'm excited. :)

10 April, 2010

10/04/2010 (findlay) : Stu-art

Today I found that I would have three photos published in St. Thomas's new arts journal, "stuart."
I had submitted them back in February, and I just got the email today. I'm pretty excited. There's an opening on Sunday, April 25th, and I'm looking forward to it. :D

Two of the pictures were in my "Book on Fire" collection-thingy. The other was this picture of my handsome cousin Lucas.
I hope you're all having a lovely day.

09 April, 2010

06-09/04/2010 (Rosie): Summer Seems to be Here

The weather this week has been absolutely beautiful, and we have been spending all of our lunch hours outside, sunbathing, laughing, playing football*. Anyways, now that I don't spend my lunch hour in the library working, I have more homework. I have been taking pictures though :)

It was very sunny on the bus Tuesday morning.

I couldn't resist. Spider monkey looked so cute on the piece of wood thing.
I love tea :) When I'm not at school all day, I drink at least two pots a day.
The grass was green, the sun was shining, everyone was outside. It was easy to forget that it's only April and that we still have months of school. Those of us still in high school do anyways.
~ Rosie

*I prefer to watch. I like sports, but my school outfits don't mesh very well with anything more than walking or dancing. They usually involving precariously balanced hats and shirts, very tight jeans or skirts and high heels. That makes me sound like a total slut, which I'm not, I just like slightly extravagant clothing.

April 8th and 9th (Mark):

Philosophy paper, thinking about stuff, writing the draft of the first poem I`ve written since middle school, feeling depressed for the first time in a while. Study party in the GRID room I had confused for the middle classroom lead to not feeling depressed.
And nothing worth noting for today, which kind of sucks but I did not have the energy to seek adventure. Or do work. I got an alright picture though, I`ve actually been liking the shakiness of low iso settings, and thought it would add to the picture.

04/09/2010 (Findlay) : ReNEW'd

Oh yes, like the others I have missed a lot of posting. I have been taking pictures, but utterly failing to upload them. I have a period of relative ease for the next few days, and I should take that time to upload more pictures.

So here we go. This is from a photoshoot I did with mark and my roommate Dominic a while ago.
Unlike Mark and Rosie, I think I will just upload one, and then continue with it from there.

07 April, 2010

Forever ago to the present (Mark)

Hello, I bring photos. Screw the bunches, I'm going to go back to one a day. Lisa scolds all of us for being sloths, and the last three pictures and the one of my drawn-on arm weren't actually taken BY me, just with my camera

06 April, 2010


I somehow managed to post this on the wrong blog. Sorry. Pictures SOON, I promise.

05 April, 2010

11/03-05/04/2010 (Rosie): SORRY!

If anyone is still reading after all this time: I'm sorry! My march break ended, and I haven't had time to look back since. There was the theatre production, and then a big event to coordinate with another group I'm in, not to mention tons of homework and trying not to dye of exhaustion. I don't want to sound whiny, or like I'm making excuses, but I honestly have been way too busy to take many pictures or to blog much.

I by no means have a photo from every day for the last month, but here are some random snapshots:

Things are looking a bit calmer, for a few weeks anyways, so I should be back to my daily posting schedule. The end of April is looking insanely awesome (in other words, really busy), but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.