09 April, 2010

06-09/04/2010 (Rosie): Summer Seems to be Here

The weather this week has been absolutely beautiful, and we have been spending all of our lunch hours outside, sunbathing, laughing, playing football*. Anyways, now that I don't spend my lunch hour in the library working, I have more homework. I have been taking pictures though :)

It was very sunny on the bus Tuesday morning.

I couldn't resist. Spider monkey looked so cute on the piece of wood thing.
I love tea :) When I'm not at school all day, I drink at least two pots a day.
The grass was green, the sun was shining, everyone was outside. It was easy to forget that it's only April and that we still have months of school. Those of us still in high school do anyways.
~ Rosie

*I prefer to watch. I like sports, but my school outfits don't mesh very well with anything more than walking or dancing. They usually involving precariously balanced hats and shirts, very tight jeans or skirts and high heels. That makes me sound like a total slut, which I'm not, I just like slightly extravagant clothing.

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