28 February, 2010


This picture isn't totally mine. I was wiping rain from my camera and accidentally took it.

I'm pretty happy about it.


28/02/2010 (Findlay) : Apologies

I am a very busy university student sometimes. I am sorry for the lull in posting. Within the next week a good number of photos will be up and I will be back to my schedule.

Thank you,

27 February, 2010

26-27/02/2010 (Rosie): Crazy Family

Yesterday was a snow day, which was pretty awesome. There wasn't actually a storm, but it was nice to have an extra day added on to my March Break. Another nice thing was that Mummy stayed home for the morning, and made stew.

I had to snap a picture when she answered a business call while preparing stew in her children's art decorate kitchen while wearing pyjamas. I love my Mummy :)

And this morning I took some pictures of my Dad this morning, he was getting ready to go out skiing with the puppies*. It was just too funny to see him out working on his compost hear while wearing his goggles, helmet, and guides pack.

Do you understand why I'm so crazy now?


* The puppies aren't actually puppies any more, since they are over a year old, quite tall, and run at over twenty kilometers an hour. We just call them puppies because they are younger than the other two dogs.

25 February, 2010

25/02/2010 (Rosie): Shiny Nails

I had no homework today, so I decided to be a bit girly, and paint my nails. Since my nails are now very shiny, I played around a bit with some lighting, and this is one of the resulting pictures:

I'm fairly happy with it.


24 February, 2010

21-24/02/2010 (Rosie): In A Dream

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I've been really really busy. That doesn't mean I haven't been taking pictures though.

I was writing something, I can't remember what, and I like the way this B turned out. I wasn't planning on writing a B though, so I took a picture of it before I erased it. Because I was in a hurry, I didn't reset the white balance, and it turned out blue. Which I thought was pretty cool.

I handed in an art project on Monday, but I snapped a picture of it first. We had to take part of an object and make it bigger. I choose to draw a knife blade.

I wanted to take a picture of what I spend a good two hours a day looking at: the bus through mostly asleep eyes. I obviously had to edit this picture pretty significantly, But I got the result I wanted.

I wanted this picture to have the same feeling my dreams have: a sort of brightness, and vibrancy. Why? Because I feel a bit like I'm in a dream right now. A good one, but a some what strange one.


20 February, 2010

19-20/02/2010 (Rosie): Joe the Dragon

I didn't get a chance to post a picture yesterday because I was too busy being "productive". Which meant I was watching Bones, designing a necklace, and doing my chemistry homework, while keeping track of the dogs and kids. In other words, I didn't get too much done.

In between all my productivity, I got started on actually making the necklaces. I snapped the picture while the clear nail polish I used to seal the maker with dried.

Then today I finished the necklace:

If you are wondering why I made a necklace with a dragon on it, it's a birthday present for my friend Nat. Joe (the dragon), is sort of her signature doodle, so I made her a necklace with him on it.


18 February, 2010

18/02/2010 (Rosie): Snowshoeing and Stalker Memory

In gym class today we went snow shoeing. Which was fun, but somewhat strange. See, I have a creepy stalkerish memory, and last time I went snow shoeing I was wearing the same coat, same mittens, same boots. It was also the day I first time I came into contact with Findlay. I don't remember if we talked, I don't think we did, but I remember noticing the guy with the awesome rabbit hat. (BTW Fin, did you ever find the hat again after you lost it at the competition?) I could go on, but Fin is probably already trying to get a restraining order against me, so suffice to say, it made me realize how creepy me memory is. ANYWAYS, look at one of the pictures I took today:

Quite pretty for a wisp of forest between a high school and a high way.


17/02/2010 (Findlay) : Friends and Mendicino

Once again, Wednesday is a busy busy day. I turned in my midterm for art (my art journal) and went to a lot of classes.
My life will get pretty busy for the next little while, what with midterms and papers.

It's also my sister's 18th birthday this weekend! Hooray! I am excited to go, even if some good friends can't make it. My sister rocks.

Anyway, I've been hanging out with Lisa and Dom today.


17 February, 2010

17/02/2010 (Rosie): Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to take a picture today, but then I snapped this picture:
I like it.


16/02/2010 (findlay) : Count-Dukes

Most of today was spent working on a project for art class. We had to take a painting by one of the masters, and replicate it. We had to change one significant thing about the painting, and talk a bit about the painter.

My painting was "The Count-Duke of Olivares on Horseback" by Diego Velasquez.
The original : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_RgPYO7YVySE/R_WsQQ-zK8I/AAAAAAAAABE/6jaj4pPgmGY/s320/471px-Diego_Velasquez%252C_The_Count-Duke_of_Olivares_on_Horseback.jpg


Anyway, looking at a full week. I have to work on my graphic novel some more, and pick what I'm getting my sister for her birthday!


(P.S can you spot the significant change?)

16 February, 2010

15-16/02/2010 (Rosie): School is awesome

I am a somewhat strange teen: I happen to love school. Ok, so I hate homework, and fall asleep in French class fairly frequently, but in general, school is awesome.

For example, Monkey, was named in history class.
Monkey is an old iPod shuffle I use as a USB key. We noticed he looked vaguely ape like one day, and drew on a face.

And, there is art class. Even if the teacher is slightly mad, it's really fun.
Today I was sketching crocuses for the entire 75 minute class, in preparation for a project I'm working on. That may sound incredibly boring, but it's really quite interesting, not to mention relaxing.


15 February, 2010

15/02/2010 (Findlay) :busytimes for all

I've had a busy time lately, with papers and proposals due. So I've been slacking off on my photos.

I'll make up for it now.
You don't even get to learn about my life ;D
(Except I studied all valentines :D)


14 February, 2010

14/02/2010 (Rosie): Grey Skies

Today was uneventful. I slept in late, procrastinated, went for a walk, and took this picture:
I'm rather fond of it. I also seem to be rather fond of the word fond.


13/02/2010 (Rosie): Not really mine

So, once again, I was out attempting a photo shoot and it didn't turn out like I wanted. But since this one was of the resulting pictures, I'm not complaining.

I don't know if I can really claim this picture as mine, since I didn't actually set it up. I did press the shutter button, but all the settings were set by my camera falling off the chopping block I had set my gorillapod up on.

Sorry about all the pictures of me lately, but they have been the ones I've been liking best.


13 February, 2010

07-13 Feb (Mark): bunches

Ok, I have been taking pictures every day. I just haven't been posting them. I put it off too long this time, but I probably will start posting pictures every few days instead of every day. Easier that way.

Feb 7th: totally forget, that's why I need smaller bunches. But I was playing with shadows and thought this was cool.

Feb 8th: bought textbooks finally, mass effect 2, late for group meeting. I love the optical illusion that indents are sticking out in this picture.
Feb 9th: doctor's appointment, can't really remember. This is a messed up shot with a mirror.
Feb 10th: Wednesday, probably my favourite day of the week. I really like art class. Fun stuff, although we didn't burn my art project yet. Ari in philosophy class. I think I mighta got a couple photos mixed up actually though.
Feb 11th: sat in on a drawing and sketching class because I like working in the art room, I imagine it had a positive effect on my painting outline. Most sketching I've done in my life. Wasted over five hours on photoshop when I meant to spend ten. Late for meeting again and didn't have my part ready because of it.

Feb 12th: Global politics presentation, hung out with Ari, planned my brain project, cleaned my room (!), a bit of photoshop, had a beer and hung out with drunk people. I really like the one on the LEFT. For some reason I wrote right before...
Feb13th: Kinda early to be doing this, but I'll be busy later and I've waited long enough. I finished my laundry. got my prescription, got some sunglasses, did internet stuff, napped, going to Cthulhu tonight :) I took a lot of "shiny" pictures today, it was hard to pick one.

NOTE: I actually tagged so many things I reached a character limit and it won't let me anymore.

12 February, 2010

12/02/2010 (Rosie): Out of Focus And Footless

I've been taking advantage of the light in the evenings to take pictures lately. I was trying to get a full body portrait, but my aperture was set too wide, and they were completely out of focus. I'm rather fond of this one though, even if I don't seem to have any feet.


11 February, 2010

11/02/2010 (Rosie): Dual Death

I don't know how to talk about today. The world lost Alexander McQueen, a designer who inspired millions. Mere minutes before I read about McQueen's death, my Grandaddy called to tell Mummy that her godfather died. He had only discovered he was ill two days ago.

I was planning on sharing this photo of my new earbuds* simply because they are super cute, but now they seem more appropriate than ever.


* The cord is black, so you can't really see it, but it is there. The skull and cross bones is the slider thing that keeps them together.

10 February, 2010

10/02/2010 (Findlay) : A long today

I started the day off leaving my parents home, and heading back to Fredericton. It's always a sad start to any day, leaving people who you love who you don't see all the time. After that, I had a pretty long day, and it definitely felt like it. I started at 8:30, getting ready to head out, and finished writing an assignment just a little while ago.

I'm bushed.

The picture from today is of Mark mixing some plaster. I stood up on the table for a downward angle. I've always liked shots like that. It's always fun to see, at least for me. What do you think?


(Also, this is our blog's 100th post! hooray!)

10/02/2010 (Rosie): Portable Workstation

I had tons of homework today (which had nothing to do with the fact that I was designing a deco for my phone in math class, no relation at all), so the bus became my desk for a while.

Black liquid ink 0.7 mm pen, binder, homework and iPod with some AC/DC is all I need to be extremely productive. The lack of internet helped too.


09 February, 2010

09/02/2010 (Findlay): skiiing

I promised you would have pictures from my ski day, and so you shall.
I took a number of ones I enjoyed, but this one is just silly, and it sums up the fun I had skiing with my sister.
She's heading out to Katimavik for a 6 month program, so I won't see her much in the coming months. It was a good time, and I was happy that I picked it up again for my first time back this year. I also managed to finally pull off a 180'. I've been trying for the past two or three years.

So we went skiing, My mother, my sister and I. A few friends were there, which just added to the loveliness. Then I went off to see my best friend Dan for 30 minutes at his university. It was nice. I don't get to see him very often.

I'm waking up at 7:30 tomorrow, and I have a book to finish, so I will leave the other minor details of today unwritten. Be Curious! Be very curious!


09/02/2010 (Rosie): Speed Knitting

Today was pretty average, in other words fairly awesome, until this evening. My entire family was hanging out in the big room(living room), listening to good music, talking, having fun. I realized how much fun we have together when we aren't all fighting.

I took this picture of my mummy knitting a mitten, and thought it was pretty cool how you can see the movement of her hand.


08 February, 2010

08/02/2010 (Findlay) : Dynamite!

I came home for a few days to hang out with my family and go skiing. My mother saw this sign on the way up and decided that we needed to take a picture with it. I know I am supposed to take a picture a day, but I think on of me is pretty much the same, right?

I just came back from a lovely concert for haiti that my father was playing in, and now I'm going to do family things. I should have a ski related picture tomorrow.


(Oh, and in case you didn't get it, the joke was that "I'm the end of the dynamite zone" - Nothing in Dynamite beyond me. heh. Nothing better than a joke explained.)

08/02/2010 (Rosie): Almost Symmetrical

Today was good. I was quite proud of a sketch I did in art class. I am not naturally good at drawing or painting, sewing and photography are the only arts I feel at ease with, but I thought it would be cool to learn how to draw better, so I'm taking an art class this term.

Today we were learning how to draw symmetrical objects and I was pretty happy that mine came out almost the same on both sides, even if the left side is much better than the right.


06 Feb (Mark):

I witnessed a car accident today, and considering no one got hurt, it was pretty hilarious. We were watching superman one second, and then the next a car going way too fast careens into the snowbank and a huge snow plume explodes out of it. I knew there was a reason we were watching superman. (Allen)

Yesterday's pic was just my two roommates being happy.

7/02/2010 (Findlay) : Habit of missing weekend posts

I've noticed I'm not very good at remembering to put pictures up.
I'll try to be better in the future. This week should be nice for it, as I'm going skiing and hiking. It's going to be lovely.

This weekend I hung out at the library, with friends, and had fun. I made pancakes this morning. They were lovely, and I made alfredo chicken. I love the taste of chicken.
Now, here are some pictures from my weekend.

07 February, 2010

06-07/02/2010 (Rosie): Tubing and Zapping

And I'm back! I had a really great weekend, despite many many hours spent in a mini van, very little sleep and getting lost every time I went any where in the school where we were staying. I guess I should fill you in a bit: I spent this weekend at a conference/camp/meeting for members of the youth environmentalist network of my province. We did workshops, learnt about stuff like approaching the media, played games, and had a blast.

One of the activities we did was to go tubing. So fun! Especially when all of us went down at the same time, that was amazing. (We were about thirty people.)

Another game we played was Zip-zap-zop, which made for interesting photos:
Sadly, at 1 pm today we all headed off to our different parts of the province, through a mild snow storm. I napped a lot of the 4 hour drive home.

~ Rosie

06 February, 2010

01-05 Feb (Mark): photoshop madness

Ditch: as in "Ditch the body", as in an actual ditch. Huh.

Ok, so I left my camera at David and Allen's for a while, so no cameras were available until now. In my defence, the day I forgot it was the day I was trying to take a picture of my brain.

For the first: my brain, which I have been preparing for an art project

For the second, I have a filler picture, because I couldn't actually think of five good pictures for today.

3rd: fun with colours on a stark background

4th day: Techno nerd documentation

5th: since this is actually today I saved the one requiring most explanation. I have been thinking of writing up a story based on a roleplaying game I played on the Internet once, and wanted a proper visualization of what my character looked like; it's pretty normal for me to choose or draw an image to represent my main characters. I decided I wanted him to be based on me, but different. Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to have major changes in an image and have it maintain a real life style, so I set out to create a simplified version of me I could work with more easily. I used my webcam to take a sort of stencil style picture of myself, then grafted elements of two other photos I took onto it, then grinded it all up until they looked natural together. Then I fooled around and made a few randoms out of the picture, and took a picture of my computer screen for my photo.