17 February, 2010

16/02/2010 (findlay) : Count-Dukes

Most of today was spent working on a project for art class. We had to take a painting by one of the masters, and replicate it. We had to change one significant thing about the painting, and talk a bit about the painter.

My painting was "The Count-Duke of Olivares on Horseback" by Diego Velasquez.
The original : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_RgPYO7YVySE/R_WsQQ-zK8I/AAAAAAAAABE/6jaj4pPgmGY/s320/471px-Diego_Velasquez%252C_The_Count-Duke_of_Olivares_on_Horseback.jpg


Anyway, looking at a full week. I have to work on my graphic novel some more, and pick what I'm getting my sister for her birthday!


(P.S can you spot the significant change?)


  1. Would it be, by any chance, the fact that he is now riding an elephant?

  2. He's riding a shark. But good try! :)

  3. Ok, totally seeing shark now. I thought the teeth were a tusk :P

  4. I couldn't decide between a shark and a alephant