18 February, 2010

18/02/2010 (Rosie): Snowshoeing and Stalker Memory

In gym class today we went snow shoeing. Which was fun, but somewhat strange. See, I have a creepy stalkerish memory, and last time I went snow shoeing I was wearing the same coat, same mittens, same boots. It was also the day I first time I came into contact with Findlay. I don't remember if we talked, I don't think we did, but I remember noticing the guy with the awesome rabbit hat. (BTW Fin, did you ever find the hat again after you lost it at the competition?) I could go on, but Fin is probably already trying to get a restraining order against me, so suffice to say, it made me realize how creepy me memory is. ANYWAYS, look at one of the pictures I took today:

Quite pretty for a wisp of forest between a high school and a high way.


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