07 February, 2010

06-07/02/2010 (Rosie): Tubing and Zapping

And I'm back! I had a really great weekend, despite many many hours spent in a mini van, very little sleep and getting lost every time I went any where in the school where we were staying. I guess I should fill you in a bit: I spent this weekend at a conference/camp/meeting for members of the youth environmentalist network of my province. We did workshops, learnt about stuff like approaching the media, played games, and had a blast.

One of the activities we did was to go tubing. So fun! Especially when all of us went down at the same time, that was amazing. (We were about thirty people.)

Another game we played was Zip-zap-zop, which made for interesting photos:
Sadly, at 1 pm today we all headed off to our different parts of the province, through a mild snow storm. I napped a lot of the 4 hour drive home.

~ Rosie

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