06 February, 2010

01-05 Feb (Mark): photoshop madness

Ditch: as in "Ditch the body", as in an actual ditch. Huh.

Ok, so I left my camera at David and Allen's for a while, so no cameras were available until now. In my defence, the day I forgot it was the day I was trying to take a picture of my brain.

For the first: my brain, which I have been preparing for an art project

For the second, I have a filler picture, because I couldn't actually think of five good pictures for today.

3rd: fun with colours on a stark background

4th day: Techno nerd documentation

5th: since this is actually today I saved the one requiring most explanation. I have been thinking of writing up a story based on a roleplaying game I played on the Internet once, and wanted a proper visualization of what my character looked like; it's pretty normal for me to choose or draw an image to represent my main characters. I decided I wanted him to be based on me, but different. Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to have major changes in an image and have it maintain a real life style, so I set out to create a simplified version of me I could work with more easily. I used my webcam to take a sort of stencil style picture of myself, then grafted elements of two other photos I took onto it, then grinded it all up until they looked natural together. Then I fooled around and made a few randoms out of the picture, and took a picture of my computer screen for my photo.

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