05 February, 2010

05/02/2010 (Rosie): Back in Black

Today was awesome. It started out badly, with my friend Nat having to stop me from repeatedly hitting my head on the desk in math class because I was sick and tired and I DIDN'T GET IT. When I get sick and or tired, I often start acting like a two year old. Things got better when a gym teacher who I had never met asked me if I played basketball. I don't anymore, but I interpreted it as a complement since it means I must have looked tall and athletic. At lunch I hung out with friends and then went and got a head in my math homework. After lunch I had my first real art class, and it was AMAZING. I absolutely loved it. In chemistry we were working on presentations, and Nat and I spent the whole class fooling around. After school I bought 6B and 8B pencils and a big sketch book for my art class.

When I got home, I found this on the table:
The cd, not the computer. It's all I've listened to all evening. :) And I had to laugh, since yesterday my mother bought me black hair dye without me even asking, and today the CD she ordered from Amazon, Back in Black, arrived.

~ Rosie

PS: I'm leaving early tomorrow morning and won't get back until late on Sunday, so I will do a double post Sunday night.

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