27 February, 2010

26-27/02/2010 (Rosie): Crazy Family

Yesterday was a snow day, which was pretty awesome. There wasn't actually a storm, but it was nice to have an extra day added on to my March Break. Another nice thing was that Mummy stayed home for the morning, and made stew.

I had to snap a picture when she answered a business call while preparing stew in her children's art decorate kitchen while wearing pyjamas. I love my Mummy :)

And this morning I took some pictures of my Dad this morning, he was getting ready to go out skiing with the puppies*. It was just too funny to see him out working on his compost hear while wearing his goggles, helmet, and guides pack.

Do you understand why I'm so crazy now?


* The puppies aren't actually puppies any more, since they are over a year old, quite tall, and run at over twenty kilometers an hour. We just call them puppies because they are younger than the other two dogs.

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