13 February, 2010

07-13 Feb (Mark): bunches

Ok, I have been taking pictures every day. I just haven't been posting them. I put it off too long this time, but I probably will start posting pictures every few days instead of every day. Easier that way.

Feb 7th: totally forget, that's why I need smaller bunches. But I was playing with shadows and thought this was cool.

Feb 8th: bought textbooks finally, mass effect 2, late for group meeting. I love the optical illusion that indents are sticking out in this picture.
Feb 9th: doctor's appointment, can't really remember. This is a messed up shot with a mirror.
Feb 10th: Wednesday, probably my favourite day of the week. I really like art class. Fun stuff, although we didn't burn my art project yet. Ari in philosophy class. I think I mighta got a couple photos mixed up actually though.
Feb 11th: sat in on a drawing and sketching class because I like working in the art room, I imagine it had a positive effect on my painting outline. Most sketching I've done in my life. Wasted over five hours on photoshop when I meant to spend ten. Late for meeting again and didn't have my part ready because of it.

Feb 12th: Global politics presentation, hung out with Ari, planned my brain project, cleaned my room (!), a bit of photoshop, had a beer and hung out with drunk people. I really like the one on the LEFT. For some reason I wrote right before...
Feb13th: Kinda early to be doing this, but I'll be busy later and I've waited long enough. I finished my laundry. got my prescription, got some sunglasses, did internet stuff, napped, going to Cthulhu tonight :) I took a lot of "shiny" pictures today, it was hard to pick one.

NOTE: I actually tagged so many things I reached a character limit and it won't let me anymore.

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  1. i like your photograph of the shadow
    there's a poem lost somewhere in the middle
    there's a broken arm and a flash of light
    were you there in the middle of the night?