03 February, 2010

02/02/2010 (Findlay) : Planes, Trains, and rockshipmobiles

Mostly a calm day. Woke up early, went for a run in the freezing cold. Me and Dominic cleaned, did dishes, all that stuff. (Shocking, I know.) and I did some homework.
One of the pieces was this painting. It's a colour wheel, and 3 primary colours as shapes, with the mixes (secondary colours) being different shapes.

I like how it looks kind of childish.

Also, it reminded me of the ultimate extreme sport I invented with Dan when I was younger. Train Jumps.
Massive trains with two carriages going off jumps and going for flips or barrel rolls, and then exploding massively when they hit the ground. The pilot would parachute out, or fly out on a motorcycle


  1. I like this too. Coulr wheels are usually boring- this one has life!

    Rosie got this lecture earlier- Don't Diss Your Own Art.

    It counts; if you like it, if you made it, if you post it, then it counts...

    If you thinks its lame, boring weak or stupid, don't put it on your site.

  2. oops; I apologize- i read this wrong....

    You like it.... I mis-read and thought you said you din't like it.

    I like it b/c it looks childish too.

    My apologies. Jeez what a troll