07 May, 2010

A good long while (Rosie): Oppps

At the beginning of April I seem to recall saying I was going to get back on track and start taking a picture everyday again. Well, that didn't work out too well when my life sort of decided it had had enough of being shoved to the side. So I spent April having an amazing time, trying not to fail all my classes, having epiphanies, and not blogging or taking pictures. Then at around 1:30 am on May 1, I realized that it was MAY. And May seems like a good month to start blogging again, and so I'm back.

Like I said, I haven't taken many pictures this past month, but here are some random snapshots:

I was making icing and we didn't have any vanilla, so I improvised with mint and chocolate. And obviously made a MESS.

Umm, I didn't have my glasses on and all I could see clearly was the mesh on my window. I'm not going to go all deep on you, cause French class is taking all of my analyzing efforts right now.

My best friend got stuck in an elevator. I'm still pretty jealous.

Just like I realized it was May, I was going to a rehearsal the other day and sort of realized that it was spring. That was last Sunday, and it's pretty much full on Summer now.

I started wearing a whole bunch of hemp and leather bracelets. And I really want to get a tattoo. I'm also considering dropping out of school and backpacking around the world. Cause I need more teenage rebellion in my life :P Sadly, I can't get a tattoo till I'm sixteen and I should probably wait till I'm a legal adult before I set off around the world. So my teenage rebellion has been put on hold for the moment.


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