06 March, 2010

06/03/2010 (Findlay) : A long while gone

Here are a lot of pictures. Info about what has been going on in my life is at the bottom. As you can imagine, this took a long time to upload. Enjoy slogging through all 33/34 of them. :D
Sunset from Spyglass hill

Self Portrait
This is my current desktop. It's me... creepin'

The Wonderful Book I am currently reading. :D

Very interesting posters. Apparently this is true in NYC. These buttons don't actually work in 75% of the places.

I really like graffiti, so there are a couple photos throughout.

Everyone loves the city market! I got a pesto baguette :D

Went for a walk at the Rec Center this morning. We went to the Dogpark and saw the future Q-plex site.

The sight of all these fallen trees was exspruciating. It was excedaringly sad. (I know, bad oak.)

My mother is a troll!?! :O

This will be quite the massive post. I haven't really been doing my duty since February. That's just not decent.

Points of Interest -
-My sister left for Katimavik for a 6 month Program. She will be in Ontario, and then Quebec, and finally PEI. I miss her.
-Zara's 18th Birthday.
-March Break Axis&Allies game with some of my best friends: Dan, Dave, Dominic and my cousin Ryan.-March Break in general. I like school, but everyone enjoys a break from time to time. It's quite nice to be with family for a while.
-Buying a new bag, and starting to read Jack Kerouac. I also bought a Fedora that fits me.
-Deciding what to do for the summer.
-Parties, we had a few goodbye/birthday parties for Zara. A lot of games were played, like Mafia and Kungfu, and we watched horrible movies, and good movies.
-Grace's visit. My great friend Grace McNee came down for the weekend, and it was delightful to see her again. The weather was crappy, so we watched "Some Like it Hot" with Marilyn Monroe, "Casablanca" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Those are the main things. Now, for an impressive picture count, mostly from four separate days.


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