10 March, 2010

9-10/03/2010 (Rosie): Sleep and Sleeping Sister

Yesterday was insane. I left at 8:20 am, and only got home at 8:45 pm. By that point I had either been on my feet* or doing complicated classwork for almost twelve hours straight, and I was tired. So I ate dinner, did my French homework (badly, as I found out today) and went to bed. 
I had forgotten just how much I love pillows.
 Today was pretty normal, but I happened to sneak into my sisters bedroom to "borrow" her hand cream, and I had to take a picture of her sleeping. She was just too cute!


*I should point out that those feet were wearing absolutely adorable pumps. And fishnets. With a pencil skirt. Not at all practical for climbing ladders and painting walls, but practicality isn't my main goal.

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