08 March, 2010

5-8/03/2010 (Rosie): Just That Cool

A person would think that when I'm on vacation and have nothing to do, I would be a great blogger and post my photos as soon as I take them. The opposite is true, And I spent most of the week in a semi-comatose state, watching Buffy and eating icing. I'm back now though, still eating icing and watching Buffy, but working on just about a million different things at the same time.

I managed to get out of the house and go skiing on Friday. The ice on the trees was so pretty!

I got a haircut! And wore my white faux fur coat, and my big black sunglasses. 

Sunday night I made today's lunch. Yup, I pack a lunch everyday. I'm just that cool :)

I took some outfit photos today. And once again you guys get the cool one that wasn't really right for my other blog.

Posting should be back to normal now that I'm back at school and have a schedule/life again.

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