04 March, 2010

2-4/03/2010 (Rosie): Assorted Randomness

I've got several day's worth of photos for you today. I've been so busy enjoying my March Break that I haven't really been doing much online other than watch old episodes of Bones and Buffy. 

On Tuesday I reorganized the plastic ware cupboard. As you can see, my family believes in recycling, and I believe in cream cheese icing. I use the cream cheese tubs to bring my muffins in my lunch. Everyday. (I made around 250 zucchini muffins this summer, and I take one every single day because they are delicious!)

On Saturday I bought a new phone. My old phone was leading to bruised thumbs, because the keypad was icky, but this one is wonderful. I named her Elizabeth. (Yes, I name my stuff. ) I was bored yesterday, so I took some pictures.

Today there was a snow storm! Of course, it was completely wasted since I was home anyways, but who am I to turn down the challenge of taking pictures of snow? There was an adorable little sluchicle*, and I had to take a picture.


*Like an icicle, only made of slush.

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