06 March, 2010

Hello again

So, I'm back. I realized that I would probably never actually start posting here again if I waited until I got my scattered photos together and figure out their dates. So instead, I'm starting afresh now. Lets just forget that little episode happened, okay?

Today, I went out driving for the second time in my life, then the third. My mother and instructor seem to think I'm doing well. The rest of the day I pretty much just procrastinated on my paper and learned about Tarot. I got this beginners Tarot thing which came with a deck and a book. I'm kind of frustrated with it, the cards don't feel right. A tarot deck should be old, and the cards should be heavy. If I actually get into this I'll shell out some cash for that feeling. I probably won't though, I don't really believe in the psychic or anything like that; I just think the cards are really cool. Besides, it's not like my deck won't get worn eventually. Here is a picture of my slobbish lifestyle, and Tarot cards.

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