05 January, 2010

05/01/2010 (Findlay) : Ups and Downs

I realized today this is kind of like a dairy. Today, one of my ups was going to the library. I love the library, books, reading, and the people there. It was really nice.

The down is that I had some emotions bottled up, and they came out today, but the nice thing about that is I can actually solve some problems I've had for quite some time now. I feel like for the first time in years I've made movement towards personal maturity.

And because I do love the morning, here is a droplet of dew. It beat out a string of christmas lights and a picture of the library to make it here today. My friend Jessi (If she ever reads this) gets to say "I told you so," since I've chastised her for macro before. Forgive me Photography god(s)?


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