21 January, 2010

20/01/2010 (Findlay) : Colourless Monolith

I had an art project due today. So I made this nifty monolith. The professor thought it was pretty awesome, and I'm glad. It had to use a point from something called the "Minus 12". I did "Uselessness: Monoliths without colour."

I had a really good day, for the most part. I was REALLY hyper after art, for some reason. I think I had a lot of nervousness about my art class that I let out just afterward. However, in Criminology we watched a really sad presentation, and my giddiness wasn't so fun. I'll live though.

I also got permission from my History teacher to do a Graphic Novel for my history class final presentation. Wish me luck, please, I start on it tomorrow.



  1. I like how it looks here better actually, it seems bigger at the top.

    Also : 'Tis moi! And my box!

  2. nice monolith.
    are you allowed to have colaborators on your graphic novel project? I'd like to help as an editor.