10 January, 2010

10/01/2010 (Rosie): Flying High

Today I did something I hadn't done in a very long time, I went to the play park. The last time I had been near a play structure was this summer when Findlay came to visit, but I was wearing an almost mini dress and three inch heels, so I couldn't actually play that much. Anyways, today I decided to bundle up and head down to the play park.

My favourite part has always been the swings. I love the feeling when you get going really high, and their is this little lurch where gravity doesn't seem quite so strong before you swing back.

I'm not super happy with this picture, I'm so sick of all this snow and cloudy weather, everything is so colourless! I find myself longing for green grass, blue skies, yellow dandelions, pink roses, everything coloured.


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