14 January, 2010

14/01/2010 (Rosie): Nap Time Reinstated

Today was mediocre. It was in fact, one of a long string of mediocre days. Which is bugging me, since I rarely have mediocre days. I have AMAZING days, or FANTABULOUS days. The main reason for the mediocrity of my life of late is the fact that on January 26th and 27th, I have my exams. And I have one in class next week. So I'm worried about those. But no matter how hard I try, I can't force myself to start studying.

I sit down with my notes every evening, and invariably get distracted. Today I was attempting to study for science.

I was attempting redemption, since I fell asleep for about half of science class today. I woke up when one of my classmates threw a heavy magnet across the class, and it landed with a crash about two feet away from me. I'm glad I did though, I woke up just in time for another classmate to suggest that nap time should be reinstated into the school system.

The day got better after that, since in French class I had a deep conversation with two guys I'd never really talked to before, by the end of which we decided to become anarchists. The conversation started with the language spoken by Charlemagne. Feel free to try to figure out how we got from him to anarchy.


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