05 January, 2010

05/01/2010 (Rosie): Thinking about Fauna

Today was yet another day at school. Which meant that I spent most of it half asleep, and part of it fully asleep. The one fun part of my day was lunch, because my absolute favourite club, Envirothon, had a meeting. Envirothon, for those of you who don't know, is an environmental science competition. Today we talked about fauna. Well, we were excited about potential workshops for a while, so by the time she gave us the sheet, it was too late to do anything, but we thought about learning about animals!


(And Findlay: I can't believe that you were mean about macro photography. It's only like the best kind!)

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    Rosie, that's the best part of EVERY day. Even when you're no longer a member. Poo on graduating.

    - Zara