07 January, 2010

06/01/2010 (Findlay): Self-Awareness

Today, a couple of seemingly meaningless events came together inside my brain to create thoughts. I read Terry Pratchetts Nation and watched James Cameron's Avatar. I took my cousin Jake out to Dinner and my Cousin Brianna to Avatar.

Avatar was amazing, but the graphics are completed sidelined in my opinion. It is truly a movie about man, and his possibilities and his (or her) lowest depravity. James Cameron sold a story of how bad we can be for 100 million dollars. It is a testament to how weird humanity is sometimes.

However, the thoughts in my brain involved me and my beliefs. I changed tonight, and hopefully I can stay this way for the rest of my life. I did Chores for an hour tonight because I realized that the only reason life is all about suffering is so we can learn empathy. Unless you ever take initiative for doing chores, every chore you've ever done is worthless, because you haven't learned something. If you never learn how hard something is, you can never understand it. It is the "walking in another's shoes" and I may understand this more for the first time, other than as a cliche.

I changed some ideas about beliefs as well. I believe I can no longer call myself "Christian" because of the inherent claim that a Christian is Christ-like. I am nowhere near that. Until I believe I have achieved a level of kindness and generosity that I would attribute to my ideals of them, I will not use the term. Now I am just a believer. I believe in a higher power. I feel a connection with it, and every other truly religious person or believer may feel this connection. Who am I to deny them? And what truly loving God would create a people who weren't intelligent to not believe in them? Anyway.

I'll stop rambling.

Here's a picture of me, thinking.
- Fin

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