30 January, 2010

30/01/2010 (Rosie): Violently Blue

After sleeping in till lunch time, having chocolate cake with cream cheese icing for breakfast, and missing out on shovelling the drive way by mere minute (I was just on my way out to help, honest!), I decided that since the driveway was completely shovelled, Daddy was out skiing with the puppies, and Mummy had just gotten back from a grocery run, I could safely go outside without anyone asking me to do something/go somewhere.* After putting on about a bazillion layers, so that I looked like the michelin man wearing a black knee length down filled winter coat, I ventured out into the snow covered yard.

I happened to find these earrings in my coat pocket, and I decided to try out some stuff with manual focus. I would have loved this picture, but I forgot to reset my white balance when I moved from the sun to the shade, so this picture was violently blue, and the earrings were the same colour as the snow so they lost some of their colour when I attempted to make the snow somewhat white.


* I think my run-on sentences are becoming dangerously long.

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