18 January, 2010

17/01/2010 (Mark): Yay!

So I'm officially joining the project. It won't be the full year, but it should still be pretty super special awesome. I look forward to it! Anyway, I took a picture for yesterday but couldn't actually post it until today. So there'll be two posts today.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, minus the not doing enough homework. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an awesome movie. Towards the end of the day I made plans to hang out with Ariel today, and I was super paranoid about forgetting so I did this to remind me of the time. The messiness of my room is in the background :P

EDIT: By the way, if any of you become interested at some point, my other blog (Basically just an idea journal) is http://myarbitrarilyreigningking.blogspot.com/

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