29 January, 2010

29/01/2010 (Rosie): ICING!

Despite an icky beginning (I had to get up at 9 am to go get a blood test done), today way AWESOME. I was a fairy princess today. That's right, hyperactive, insane Rosie is back. Prepare to be driven crazy. (Not that being crazy is a bad thing, I quite enjoy it.)

I decided to give into temptation this afternoon, and made cream cheese icing. Deliciousness!

Then I made some chocolate cakes to pacify my mother and apologize to my father, who I accidentally woke up at 12:30 last night.


(PS: I don't do drugs or anything like that, I'm just naturally giggly, hyper, and random. I think it may be a genetic fluke, but I'm not complaining! And if you think I'm only like this online, I'm not. You can ask Findlay, he can vouch for my insanity.)

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