14 January, 2010

13/01/2010 (Findlay): Busy Day and a Great mark.

I had my first super busy day today. I woke up at 11:11, and had to run to class, and I didn't get back from school until 10:00 P.Mish. It was good however. I spent time in class with friends, and I really enjoy my classes. The only thing I don't love is my Ex-girlfriends cousin is in my art class, I will live however.

The single best moment of my day may have came after Criminology. I got a paper back that I worked really hard for, and I got an A+, or 23/25. I asked the professor how I could have made it better, and he said "You couldn't have. I don't give perfect marks, since this is a social science, but you did the best in the class." As this class has 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years in it, I'm pretty pleased with myself.
P.S - Do you like the picture first?


  1. I didn't know that your first name was Thomas.

    (And congrats on the good mark and all that.)

  2. 1) yes, I like the photo
    2) I'd love to read the essay
    3) What's up with the comment about your ex's cousin? What;s this got to do with your photo, great marks or anything?

    4) Lex Clark says "Never publish anything online that you would not Write on a Billboard in 6 foot high letters that you wouldn't want your mother would read". http://www.unsweetened.ca/

  3. maybe the webmaster doesn/t answer comments