18 January, 2010

17&18/01/2010 (Findlay): Double post

My internet has a horrible habit of randomly shutting off. It did this as I uploaded the picture and went to bed. Yesterday, this meant that my post didn't appear.
Silly Internet.

Anyway, Sunday was a super relaxed day. Some school readings, movies, kicking around with dominic. Very slack, very nice.

Today was a school day, so I had to do things, but I do love doing things. I may be able to do a graphic novel as my final project for history. I really hope I'm able to, as I want to do one on Suleiman's attempted invasion of Vienna. I just think that'd be neat.

Today's pictures (and yesterday's) involving odd lighting and stuff like that. Well, lighting effects.


  1. what is the bottom photo of? It looks like alumininium foil...?

  2. o, and I think a graphic novel about the invasion of vienna would be pretty cool...