18 January, 2010

18/01/2010 (Rosie): Banana Split and Two Nail Polishes

So, while Findlay has been taking amazing photos, and Mark has been getting started on the project, I almost forgot to take a picture today. Why? Because they just started a new semester (Well, Findlay did, I don't know about Mark.) but I am rushing towards exams at a breakneck speed, and I can't seem to force myself to study. This is causing me quite a bit of worry, since I usually over study. It's not for lack of trying, but I have so much to study for that I can't concentrate.

Anyways, the result of my impending exams is that my usually very neat and tidy desk now looks like this:
If you look closely, you could find: shirts, hair elastics, three tea cups, two nail polishes, my agenda, countless sheets of looseleaf, the package my gorillapod came in, a medicinal banana split, three empty tea cups, the majority of my makeup collection, my iPod (rescued from under a sleeping husky), hand cream, a little bottle of paint, a pen knife, a tub of leather cream, a small part of my cat ears, the bottom half of a microscope, and of course my MacBook Pro.

And I wonder why I never get anything done...


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