08 January, 2010

08/01/2010 (Rosie): Nobody's Listening

I've been feeling very pensive lately, bordering on melancholy, and I think my pictures are starting to reflect this.

So often I feel like I'm on the brink of saying something, but there is nobody listening. Not in day to day conversation, but like big picture say something. I know it is probably just the teenager in me acting up, but I have a right to be angsty sometimes!

Anyways, I found myself in my school's auditorium today, and couldn't resist snapping this shot. To be standing on the stage and looking out at the empty seats, well, that's how I've been feeling lately.



  1. Dear God do I know that feeling. Luckily, my school is "gifted and talented" so instead of struggling to assert my fashion superiority* with tacky, tasteless girls I'm trying to assert my interest in the arts because a lot of people think of me as "Katy? The one with the short hair and the tights and stuff? Wasn't she on a sport or something?"
    *By this I mean not Uggs/Twilight/Juicy adoring

  2. And by the way, in case you couldn't tell, I am a raging materialistic narcissist, do don't mind me and my disparagement of Uggs/Juicy; I really do hate Twilight with a passion however. I am mean and I try not to talk about it (if one of my friends is like "Eww Juicy" I'm like "so what do you guys want to eat?") but the internet is such an easy outlet . . .
    And BTW I'm actually pretty apathetic towards Uggs and Juicy, those are just the things that sprang to mind.

  3. You should have talked to the nothing. It was probably bored, and no one talks to it anymore.

  4. love the repetition, also i love hanging out onstage when no one's around. it makes me feel like i'm starring in a show just for me. ;)