14 January, 2010

14/01/2010 (Findlay): Innovation.



that's all I have to say about this photo.

I had a nice day today! I had taken a picture of my history teacher, but this turned out a lot nicer, and sums up the nice parts of the second half of my day.

I woke up at 9 to go have a meeting with my History professor, where I had a good hour long chat, and found that my mark had been wrongly calculated, so I got points for that. I also found out that for my final paper I am going to have leeway to use illustrations or oral parts on the essay. That's pretty nice.

Then me and Dominic hung out, and we ended up playing a bit of magic. I also got my 100$ Poli sci. textbook. Ugh. Textbooks are expensive. I got a deal on another book though and saved some money because of it. :D

good day in all.


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