27 January, 2010

27/01/2010 (Rosie): High on Life, the Universe, and Everything

I had my last two exams of the term today *happy dance*. Both were nervewrackingly* easy, but so were both of the courses, so I wasn't too surprised by that. The fun part of my day was lunch. We had a picnic! Inside (cause outside was all wet). I practised my stalker photography and took creeper shots of everyone.

I liked this one. I feel like it portrays what I consider to be the sort of "ideal" teenage life. It's vibrant, spontaneous, strange and just a bit difficult to figure out.

After that someone started learning a drum solo with their drumsticks and a school bag, the owner of the feet above lay down to sleep, and I fell backwards** announcing that I was completely and totally high on life, the universe and everything***. A teacher came a made whoever was playing "the drums" stop because some people were writing a history exam, at which point we realized that we too had a history exam in about five minutes, and all went off to find pencils, pens, highlighters, throat lozenges, glasses, the notes we were allowed to have in the exam, and whatever else might come in handy.


* I don't know if nervewrackingly is actually a word or not, but it is in my world.
** I fell backwards carefully, so as to not mess up my carefully styled "I'm not trying, my hair is naturally this amazing" do.
*** Exams always make me want to reread A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I always give in. After all, one shouldn't tempt destiny.

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